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Job Search Motivation (A Somewhat Personal Post)

Image by George Hodan

Image by George Hodan

I’m back everyone!

This week I got a slight cold, so that was not very great. However, I am now back in action.

This week I am going to discuss probably the hardest part of job searching. Yes, the cover letters and resume edits take up a lot of time, but there is another, harder aspect.

You must keep up the drive to find a job.

If you think it will not happen to you, you’re probably somewhat wrong.

Of course, there will be people who can handle the constant stream of energy needed, but it’s not easy. Kudos if you are one of those people.

What if you’re not a very motivated person? What if you’re not so sure you can keep going on?

I’m here to say you can be motivated. If you can take it one job application at a time, that is better than none at all.

I’ve been there in the past, and it is really difficult. You feel like nothing will happen, and it is demoralizing. The best tool a job seeker can have is faith and hope.

My prayers and faith has helped me in my own job journey. If you keep on pushing forward, then things will get better.

Whatever you can find that moves you and makes you even slightly move toward your goal, use it and see if you find a shocking new result.


Down On Your Job Search? How To Deal


Hello everyone!

Today’s topic is quite a serious matter, especially for new graduates. When you first enter the job market, you are excited, energetic, and fresh. Fast forward later to months or years, and the picture might be entirely different.

This post provides tips on how to deal with this serious job search issue.

1. Talk It Out

Find a trusted parent, friend, or other individual and talk out your concerns about your job hunt. Sometimes, just knowing that you can vent out your rejections will make you feel better to attack the hunt again. In addition, ask one of these trusted people in your life to provide tips or review your resume.  You don’t need to handle job search stress alone.

2. Shower and Dress for your “Job”

Okay, so you may have a small job on the side or none at all. Make yourself part of the working world by showering daily and dressing up (yes, jeans count). Sweatpants are great but very alluring in terms of home, not a future job. Watch it work wonders for your mood!

3.  Go to an Event

Reinventing your strategy is an other great way to get the job search rolling again. I highly suggest or Eventbrite. LinkedIn groups may also offer events, but check yours out to make sure. Don’t be shy, many people at these events have been where you are now. You might make some friends and find a job in the process!

4.  Lower your Goal

Not what you were thinking, huh? When I mean lower your goal, I mean to scale back a massive amount of applications. Try to apply to at least one job per day. After that becomes routine, work your way up to more job applications.

5. Seek Professional Help if Needed

Many of these techniques can work, but if you feel depressed or worse, please seek a mental health professional. Your job does not define you. A mental health professional can work with you regarding the stress of unemployment.

Any comments? Write them below!

Use the Music…A Short and Sweet Job Search 3.0 Post


Hello everyone!

So, how is everyone’s job search going? Difficult? It can be difficult after a few months, for sure.

A key way to handle the job search is through music. I explain more about this concept below.


Get Up Early 

Music can help you get out of bed to even begin the job search. The search begins with motivation, so check out that favorite new tune of yours.  Devices such as iPods and alarm clocks even allow you to set the radio up as an alarm.


Get Going

Writing cover letter and sending resumes is a tedious task. In order to overcome the competition, you need to keep motivated. Music is just another tool for doing this while you send job materials. TV is also great, but it can be a distraction if you end up getting consumed by reality shows or soap operas.


Get Relaxed

The job search is a full-time job, but you also need to let go of it to truly see results. Relaxing activities such as reading, baking, laughing, and listening to music allow you to still enjoy life.


So, what is your favorite music right now?

How To Make A Pinterest Resume (Part 2)

How To Make A Pinterest Resume

This is Part 2 in the series, Pinterest for Job Seekers. Please read Part 1 for 5 Tips for Job Seekers Using Pinterest.

As I discussed in Part 1 of this series, 5 Tips for Job Seekers Using Pinterest [you can access it here], Pinterest has uses beyond sharing recipes and makeup tutorials (two of my favorite pinning topics!). Along with the tips [view it here] I gave in the previous post, I’d also suggest creating a Pinterest resume.

A Pinterest resume is exactly what it sounds like – your resume posted in a pinnable version.

Obviously, a Pinterest resume (or resume, for simplicity’s sake) isn’t right for everyone, but it can help you showcase your accomplishments in a more engaging way. An NBC Today article calls them “living resumes,” illustrating your personality and accomplishments in a more engaging, visually-appealing manner than using a standard paper resume.

Here is my Pinterest resume:

You can tailor a resume board to a specific company or position, such as this fantastic example from Jeanne Hwang (this inspired me to start my own Pinterest resume!), targeted towards Pinterest (how meta is that??).

If you want to broaden your scope a bit, as I did, you can create a more generalized resume by following these steps.

Steps in Creating Your Pinterest Resume:

  1. Plan Your Board: Planning is key. Before you go crazy with pinning and uploading images, think about what you want to showcase on your board. Use your standard paper resume as a starting point, looking at your previous positions and educational accomplishments and choosing the best points to highlight your value as a prospective job candidate.
  2. Write A Compelling Description: As with any of your Pinterest boards, you should give your resume a name and description that compels readers to keep looking at your pins. Keep in mind that while you can change the board’s name later, this will also change the URL, so anyone using the older URL will need to be told about the change. Because this is a resume board, think of the description as your resume’s branding statement – it should conceptualize your uniqueness and the value you’d bring to your prospective employer.
  3. Find Appropriate Visuals: Pinterest allows you to upload or pin pictures, YouTube videos, Slideshare presentations, Soundcloud files, among others. If the work or accomplishments listed on your resume are already on the Internet, pin it! If this is not the case, you can use company logos (as I did) as the pin images. Because Pinterest is a visual storyboard, make sure your pins are as compelling and engaging as possible.
  4. Write Short, Concise Descriptions: Each of your pins should have a description, describing the major accomplishment(s) you’re showcasing. Ask yourself, “Why am I putting this pin on my resume? What’s the point?” Each pin should showcase something important that you accomplished and/or learned. The descriptions should be short and concise, not just a copy/paste job from your paper resume. In terms of length, I’d say keep each description under one tweet (140 characters), or 200 at the maximum. You can also hashtag specific keywords (e.g., #marketing, #SPSS, #infographic, etc.) that will allow your pins to show up in a Pinterest search.
  5. Balance Soft and Hard Skills: This is something I’m currently struggling with – my Pinterest resume primarily catalogues my hard skills, or more tangible accomplishments. But, as previously discussed, Pinterest is a fantastic place to illustrate or show off my personality and soft skills, like my leadership skills. It’s more difficult to showcase intangible skills (i.e., how do you visually represent leadership?), but that’s the point – use your creativity and think outside the box in creating your Pinterest resume.

Take a look at this creative take on a Pinterest resume, courtesy of Tyler Cheese:

Time to hand the mic over to you – what do you think about using Pinterest in your job search? What do you think about Pinterest resumes? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share your Pinterest resumes below!

Kavita Chintapalli is a recent MBA graduate from Rutgers University and will soon transition into her new role of Content Creation Manager at Movoli. She enjoys all things beauty-related, cool tech gadgets, TV, blogging, and social media. Learn more about Kavita on her website,

5 Tips for Job Seekers Using Pinterest (Part 1)

5 Tips  for Job Seekers Using Pinterest

This is Part 1 in the series, Pinterest for Job Seekers. Stay tuned for Part 2 on How To Make A Pinterest Resume.

By now, most people know the social network, Pinterest, where users “pin” pictures and videos from the web or Pinterest itself onto boards. Many people have boards dedicated to wedding planning, recipes, cute animals, and inspirational quotes.

While these types of boards are very popular, did you know that Pinterest is also a tool for job seekers?

Yes, you heard me right. Don’t get me wrong – you probably won’t get your next job on Pinterest alone, but you can use it to further your search.

Here are 5 tips for job seekers using Pinterest:

  1. Build Your Profile: Fill out your profile and include a description, profile photo, relevant social media profiles, and any links you’d like to share. People are more likely to look at your Pinterest page if you give them some information. It could also contribute to your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, meaning it will be easier to find you through a Google search.

Here’s my profile where you’ll see my profile photo, links, and a short description that gives you a quick snapshot (pun intended?) of who I am:

  1. Plan Your Boards & Identify Your Interests: We’ve already discussed the vast array of pins on Pinterest, so now you have to decide where to center your focus. My advice to diversify and feature boards on topics including your resume, interview and workplace attire, office-appropriate hair and makeup tutorials, infographics related to your job search or industry, and more.

Here are my Pinterest boards:

  1. Follow Companies: Similar to Twitter, you should follow companies that you’re interested in. Pinterest is growing by leaps and bounds and many organizations are taking notice, actively engaging on the site. Keep in mind that you don’t have to follow all the boards on a company’s profile. Instead, focus your attention on the boards that interest you, such as job search tips or interview etiquette.
  1. Pin and Repin: Now that you have filled out your profile, planned your boards, and followed companies, it’s time for the fun part – pinning! You can find pins for your boards by searching through your news feed and repinning content from those you follow, using Pinterest’s search engine, on other websites, or your own hard drive.
  1. Organize and Reorder Your Boards: Another important thing to consider is the order of your boards. While you can’t (yet) reorder pins on a board, you can reorder your boards. Changing the order is probably the easiest way to update your Pinterest page and keep it looking fresh. When considering the order of my boards, I like to keep my job and industry-related boards towards the top of my page, as well as one for my personal blog.

There you go! These 5 basic tips will help you master Pinterest and help you in your job search.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post to learn about creating a Pinterest resume!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Pinterest in general or as a job-hunt strategy. What do you think – stupid, genius, or somewhere in the middle?

Kavita Chintapalli is a recent MBA graduate from Rutgers University and will soon transition into her new role of Content Creation Manager at Movoli. She enjoys all things beauty-related, cool tech gadgets, TV, blogging, and social media. Learn more about Kavita on her website,

Do You Take Internet Breaks?

A bench with a sunset.

Image by George Hodan

Hello everyone!

So, this weekend I decided to seriously limit my Internet time. I wanted to get away from the screen and relax with a book. If you have not done this before, I highly suggest it. Here are some tips on having a successful mini-vacation from the World Wide Web.

1. Don’t forget your tasks

If you have a job, make sure it is all done. If you need to write down items on Google Calendar for the week, then make sure to do it on your preferred day. It is very hard to do a completely devoid of any Internet weekend. However, if you can focus on other activities, you will come back refreshed.

2. Make sure you have activities

Don’t just sit and stare at the TV, unless you really want to do that. Spend time with family, go for a walk, or do something else that involves the real world. If you must, plan your activities before you go on the fast.

3. Go back to the Internet

Yes, you read that correctly. You are simply taking a break, not getting rid of it altogether. I have been on my computer for some tasks this weekend, but not as massively as usual. Find the right balance of Internet and real life for you.

– Natasha



Are You In A Job Search Slump? The Back To A Job Checklist

Dear Job Seekers,

August is approaching and school will start soon for children and college students across the country. Back to school usually means back to tests, projects, and deadlines. But if you are a job seeker, there is no set deadline until you receive a job offer.

If your results are less than spectacular right now, check out these tips to see where you need to improve the most.

1. Do You Wear Pajamas All The Time?

Look, I understand that some workers and job seekers can be perfectly fine wearing pajamas while working. I think the danger here is that you might start to feel like you are on vacation. If you are starting to feel too comfortable at home, make a new routine regarding your wardrobe. Even wearing jeans may make a BIG difference.

2. Do You Attend Social Events?

You don’t need to be searching for a job to experience a social slump. However, if you can relax and hang out with other people, you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle that new cover letter.  Find at least one social activity a week to keep your social needs adequately satisfied.

3.  Are You Waking Up Very Late? 

Bingo! This problem is probably one that takes more willpower than the other ones. It is a great idea to exercise in order to make yourself able to sleep at night. You can also try sleep masks and other aids.

4.  Do You Need To Try A Different Medium?

Are you only applying to one site and wishing for the best? Step up your job search through emails, LinkedIn, niche job sites, networking events, professional events, and whatever else can help you succeed. Be a detective for your next job.

Readers, do you want to add anything? Let us know in the comments!

Exciting News: Guest Posts Coming Soon!

A man jumping in the air.

Image by Anna Langova

Hello everyone!

Are you excited like the guy in the photo? While we strongly suggest being careful with jumping, we also have some great news.

This is my blog announcement that we are going to have guest posts between now and next week. So, get ready to meet two job seekers who are working their way through the job hunt!

– Natasha

Job Seekers, Just Apply!

Note: I am not a professional, so this advice is to be taken with discretion. Thanks to Chaim Shapiro for inspiring this blog post. You can reach him at

Hello everyone!

So, today’s topic is not going to be easy. You might be applying for numerous jobs during the day and never hearing back from anyone. You think that it is just a bad job hunt day and continue like this for weeks or months. On the other hand, you might not have applied anywhere yet. You could be afraid, busy, or simply waiting for the right time.

All of these scenarios have problems. Today, we are going to discuss the last issue.

Today, You Must Step It Up

I understand that you are afraid of applying. Honestly, I think every person has the same issue when they sit down to start job hunting. However, simply gritting your teeth and applying to just one job brings you a step closer to employment.

I have listed below some suggestions for helping you achieve this goal.

1. Find A Job You Really Want

It’s easier to apply for a job if you truly want to do the work. Once you apply for that job, you should have enough momentum to continue applying for other positions.

2. Take A Break

Complete one job application and then take a break. When you return, you will have new insights for the next cover letter.

3. Exercise Before Job Searching

Exercise helps people clear their minds.  As a job seeker, using exercise to write great cover letters and resumes is a must. You can achieve health while working hard toward another job.

What do you think?

– Natasha 


Are You Pleasantly Exhausted Yet?

Hello everyone!

So, where are you in your job search? Are you exhausted by all that you have done?

If you are not at least somewhat tired, you might be missing some important actions. I don’t mean shooting out hundreds of resumes in terms of being tired. I mean tired and happy at the same time.

How Do I Achieve Tired and Satisfied?

1. Go to Live Events

Okay, I am definitely not the poster child for this tip. I did attend one event this month, and it was such a great experience. I am now following events on Eventbrite and Meetup for basic networking purposes.

Stuck in the home? Go to an event and meet new people!

2. Go to Internet Events

While I agree that live events are best, they don’t happen all the time. Twitter chats are amazing because they can be weekly gatherings with others in your field. I am in so many Twitter chats, it’s not even funny. Use these chats to discuss problems and successes with others. You never know what can come from one chat.

3. Hunt Smartly

Don’t just shoot off hundreds of resumes. Target companies on LinkedIn. Follow them on Twitter. If you approach the job search with a clear mind, you can achieve some great goals. If you want to, you could even start a blog! Blogs are amazing for showing your dedication to a field.

What do you think about these tips? I would like to hear them!

– Natasha

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